Imoh David

Imoh is a traditional African priest living a quiet life committed to humanitarian service and the development of creativity in others.  As an artist, author, and philosopher it is his passion in life to bring beauty, love, and knowledge to the world.

With each brushstroke against the canvas, Imoh is making the world a more beautiful place. By bringing his artworks into your home you help Imoh continue his humanitarian services.

Koni Burrow


Koni is a clothing designer and marketing manager residing in Talent, Oregon. She and Imoh are close friends who have bonded over their shared humanitarian interests and love of art. Koni enjoys taking her children to the library and her work with a local non-profit organization.

Koni maintains Artmosphere.com; overseeing all financial transactions and customer service concerns on Imoh’s behalf. This makes the buying process¬†run smoothly for yourself and Imoh.


Akan David

Akan David is an exponent/co-founder of Lucidism Art Movement. A Member of the Bohemian Art’s Boston Cambridge group. His works of art focuses mainly on sensuality, spirituality, Afro-cultural themes, psychological issues, mythological tales, and folklores. An enigmatic contemporary African artist who engages in diverse subjects; such as, poetry, symbology, para-psychology, and mysticism. His works of art carry familiar visual signs, labyrinth of codes, arranged into new conceptual layers.